If you always wished you have a pool in your backyard but you outdoor space is limited this custom pool for small backyard offered by hiddenwaterpools (.Com) may be the solution. This hidden pool is custom built and personalized with an incredible system where the patio submerges and becomes a pool. This makes your outdoor space into a functional patio and you can put it to use to the fullest.

I found a few highlights, this custom pool design help you save energy since you spend less on heating and cooling the pool, also less water evaporation and less chemicals compared to traditional pools. Additionally you can set the desired depth from an inch to 6 feet, perfect for when you have small children. If you want to maximize the use and are willing to invest in the extras, the pool can be personalized with multi-resistant swim jets to make it a therapeutic exercise pool, all with the push of a button. What do you think? 

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